Delta healing from 12. plan

After I have been working with ThetaHealing for many years, in the spring 2014, during a meditation, I was guided to a special place, which I was told, is called “The 12th plane”

DeltaHealing for 12. plane is the next generation of healing. In these healings you do not connect to the healing energy anymore – you are one with the healing energy and just witness what happens while you are in a deep delta brain wave.

During a ThetaHealing meditation in 12th plane is the plane for deep healings and for integration of your polarities, and most of all; integration with your soul.

During a session you will lie down and I will hold your feet and ask the Goddess Ashtartara to take you to the 12. plane. The session will be held in silence, since there a no words in 12th plane. You will feel the high frequency during the healing and fall into a deep meditative state. You will feel your body and brain being healed and you will feel more integrated with your soul and your inner truth afterwords.

I get really precise insights about your path in your life and, your challenges and your opportunities in life during the session, which I tell you about after the session.

Sometimes the challenge can be to surrender to the energy and frequency of the 12th plane, and if so, I will work with your belief system first until you are ready to reach the 12th plane frequency.

What is 12. plane
12th plane has a very high frequency which enables the deep healings. Even though it has a high spiritual frequency,  at the same time it is connected to the energy of the Earth. To me it is very “shamanistic” healings that takes place and most often I see indians doing the healings in 12th plane. In12. plane you don’t connect to the healing energy, as you do with most healing techniques, you are just one with the energy.

As a client you can also be taken to other planes if needed.

The high frequency also facilitates deep chakra healing, healing and integration of your main polarities and the soul integration that might take place at the end of the session.

EEG scans of Delta Healing
EEG brain scans during 12th plane healing show that brain activity decreases and the brain is being stabilized. During ThetaHealing there is much activity in the pre – frontal lobes while there is quiet in the brain during a Delta Healing. It is simply the brain being healed and stabilized. The active brain waves during a Delta Healing is theta and delta brain waves
– therefor its name.

You can receive these healings in my clinic in Espergærde or via Skype/Viper. My Skype number is:, call me or write to me to book a session: email: heart, phone: +45 22431717.

I will recommend 3 sessions in a period of 3 – 6 weeks.

I now teach Delta Healing. Please write to me if you are interested in participating in a seminar or wants to host a seminar in your city. Then you’ll receive 50 % of the surplus from the seminar. I will come to all cities around the world to teach this amazing healing methode.

I can best describe what happened when Helle made a healing on the 12th plane by describing the effect it had – and now several weeks after – still has on me. In a subtle but powerful way the healing reconnected me to what is ‘real’ and worth cultivating in life. It opened my eyes to how I have subtly been falling into the same traps that kept me from feeling connected to all around me. In a more concrete way she brought me back to a place – or perhaps dimension – where the deepest wisdom of my soul resides, there my inner skism was healed and integrated. Which made me come out a more whole and rooted person in my own natural power. I can warmly recommend!”/ Roberta Montanari

DeltaHealing is like the core of healing. I have never experienced anything like it. It feels like getting all the love I ever needed and this love works as a glue in my body that makes everything whole again. I love it.

Maiken - Germany