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Host a wonderful seminar in ThetaHealing, DeltaHealing or Clairvoyance and get it for free.

I now seek hosts in Denmark and abroad to my seminars in ThetaHealing®, DeltaHealing® or 3-day Clairvoyance seminar.

You will get the seminar for free and additional 15 – 20 % of the seminar revenue. If you have already taken the seminar you will get 20 – 25 % of the revenue.

When you host the seminar you will receive 15 or 25 % of the revenue to cover cost of the facilities and snacks, fruit and tea/coffee in the breaks. You will be in charge of marketing the seminar and administrate the registrations. I will manage the class material and off course market the seminar on my platforms.

You will receive your percentage as a depositum and the student will pay the remaining amount directly to me at least 20 days before the seminar.

I would love to do retreats also and to hold seminars during the summer vacation.

I require a minimum of 8 paying participants for a seminar to be held.

Please call or write to hear more: // +45 22431717

Your can read about DeltaHealing® in this link:

I have worked with clients since 2003 as a ThetaHealing Instructor, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and have a Bachelor of Commerce.