2019 intuitive channeled forecast

januar 13, 2019
Helle Brinch

In 2018, most of us felt some huge challenges and Mother Earth challenged us with more natural disasters
than normal. The illusions began to fall, which we especially saw with the “metoo” campaign and economic scandals that came to light. Nevertheless, 2018 was a year where we still pretended that everything was good and maintained the illusions and not least the facade.

2019 – The year of paradoxes and possibilities

2019 will be a year where we no longer bother to maintain the illusions. The energy in 2019 will sometimes remind you of the energy after a funeral where we all have cried and can no longer worry if the facade holds. We have reached the more vulnerable, authentic core of love. Thus, one can say that the “darkness” will lead us to love, vulnerability and light. 2019 is the year of paradoxes where darkness leads to light and silence and calmness leads to action.

The energy of the year will help us to let go of the facade and thereby accept more of our dark sides. We all have light and dark sides, it is the premise of being human. But most often we hide our own dark sides and project them upon others. When doing so, we know deep down that we live on a lie and we do not want to lie anymore, we want to life the truth. We can not develop as human beings if we don’t face the truth.

A year of opportunities

Silence is also a keyword for 2019. There will be focus on grounding, contemplation and the more masculine energies in 2019, with which the year is great for start-up and to consolidate us. It is a year where it is more important to take deep steps and focus on one thing than trying to achieve it all. Which makes it a year of opportunities.

The possibilities opens up when you let go and let yourself float and release the things that do not come from a clean, loving heart. Let your desires, passion and love create the work. Relive the illusions and the image of how things should be, and go with what is true for you.

Relationships have a chance to be created or re-created on the basis of fewer expectations and more realism as well as a desire to create something together in love.

A year of cooperation and lifting each other

2019 is about cooperation and lifting each other. If we fight too hard and become too self-centered, it is like stepping into quicksand – we only slide downwards. By lifting others, we lift the energies and ourselves.

More small businesses will be created and it will be more interesting to invest in these microbusinesses. There will be a tendency to invest out of passion rather than only on economic considerations. This will make some changes in the distribution of money. 

International trends

I see fewer natural disasters than in 2018, but enormous amounts of water especially in Europe which will cause flooding. 

In Denmark I see Lars Løkke being re-elected and that this creates some riots in Denmark and generally see more people  demonstrate against inequality, the environment etc. I see continuing riots in France and much anger and aggression here. Trump keeps his place, but still faces a lot of resistance in the US.

To get the best out of 2019

Debbie Ford’s books about facing the inner shadows is more relevant than ever. Face, accept and relieve your inner shadows and guilt to become a more whole person. Let go of your mental projects and let your passion guide you and dare to go with the flow. Don’t try to be perfect, it is not human, be everything you are and let the darker transform into power. Thus, you can turn the darkness into light!

With wishes for a fantastic and powerful year to everyone.?

Channeled december 17,  2018 by Helle Brinch, Transformational Teacher


Helle Brinch has a business degree, is a gestalt-therapist, hypnotherapist, ThetaHealer and teaches seminars in ThetaHealing, clairvoyance and DeltaHealing from 12. plane®. She works mostly with business start ups and personal transformation.

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