Truth Heals

august 22, 2020
Helle Brinch

Truth Heals

The only way we heal is by letting go of everything false in our life. All our false beliefs, emotions, patterns and the false roles we play. Sometimes we must leave false relationships or maybe the false roles we play in the relationships before we can heal. Sometimes we must leave a job that just isn’t right anymore in order to live a life according to our truth.


If you lie to yourself your body and psyche will respond by creating unbalance and sickness to make you hear the truth.

Sometimes the lies are hidden deep below the surface in your sub-consciousness that is created in your childhood or in a past life, coming from the collective consciousness or inherited in your genes. Then you must dig below the surface to release the false believes.

The lies will always tell you that you are inadequate, separate, and not worthy.

The truth is that you only contain love, power, wisdom, happiness and peace in your inner essence.

Every sickness is a sign that you are somehow lying to yourself about who you really are.

Only you can reveal your truth.

And only you can heal yourself.


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